Finding The Perfect Office Space For Your Startup

Embarking on the exciting journey of launching a startup comes with an array of important decisions, and one of the most critical ones is finding the ideal office space. Beyond being just a physical location, the right office environment can significantly impact your team’s productivity, foster creativity, and create a positive work culture. In this […]

LHN revamps 1557 Keppel Road into office and co-living spaces

Before 1557 Keppel Road was revamped into what it is today, employees who worked from the office were used to the warehouse environment they ran operations from — lighted-up lofty ceilings, flanked by four walls without windows. Click here to read the full article.

Referral Program

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Exploring Opportunities At Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru: Exclusive Interview With BKK Bistro and Bar

Singapore’s industrial property market has been thriving, attracting businesses from various sectors seeking to establish their presence in this global hub. Among the prominent locations, Spaze 202 Kallang Bahru stands out as a premier choice for ambitious enterprises. Conveniently located in the heart of Kallang, this modern industrial space for rent offers a dynamic ecosystem […]